Game mechanics

Cosmic FOMO is a game in which playable characters, namely pilots, are actually NFTs in the BNB Smart Chain. By owning a character, users can race and earn in-game tokens.

To play, you will need an NFT pilot or Galaxy Box, from which the pilot will emerge once you log into the app. You need to fill their backpack with assets that you think will increase or decrease in value in the near future and send the pilot into a space race. During the race, quotes will rise or fall, and the income you receive ultimately depends on this. If you want to lock in a profit in the middle of the race, you can stop it early. The higher the growth of the selected assets, the more profit you will receive. All asset quotes are streamed directly from Binance in real-time, and you do not need to actually buy any of the assets in the app – it will offer you a simulation thereof. This way, you can learn how to trade, understand how the cryptocurrency market works, and save your tangible assets.

The game is for everyone, regardless of knowledge or skill level. Cosmic FOMO was primarily created for those who are just beginning to understand the cryptocurrency industry. Even if a person does not yet understand digital assets, blockchain and other terms that frighten them at first – they can enter the game, choose a pilot, cryptocurrencies, and still catch their luck.

Even if users are not familiar with the game mechanics, they will still get a reward in in-game tokens in SOLO mode, just that this reward will be less than it might be in the case of more experienced players.

There are two main game modes in the app, SOLO and HARDCORE, with slightly different mechanics.

The SOLO mode mechanics are simple and straightforward:

  • Choose a pilot.

  • Fill their backpack with assets that, in our opinion, will show growth in the near future.

  • Send the pilot on a space mission.

  • Get profit.

Conditionally, if a player receives +20% of their portfolio for the flight, a 20% profit is added to the base return. If the player sets a negative return of -10%, they will be knocked out by a stop-loss, depending on their character attributes. In the latter case, the player will receive -10% of their base return.

Simply put, one way or another, players will have a yield in any case, which is Cosmic FOMO's main appeal.

In HARDCORE mode players compete in predicting coin rates, and the player who makes the most accurate prediction takes the prize pool. You can find more information about the game modes in the respective sections — HARDCORE and SOLO.

It is important to note that Cosmic FOMO has nothing to do with the betting segment. It is an alliance of a traditional computer game and an Edtech digital asset training solution.

*Disclaimer: The data presented herein is strictly for informational purposes, does not constitute financial advice, and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the development team.

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