Terms and Conditions of Hardcore Mode Tournament

Lancelot Development Ltd. (the "Company", "we") create these Terms and conditions, describing Your participation in Hardcore Mode Tournament ("Tournament").

Please carefully read these Terms and Conditions of the Tournament ("Terms") before participate in the Tournament, as they affect your obligations and legal rights, including, but not limited to, waivers of rights and limitation of liability. If you do not agree with these Terms, you shall not participate in the Tournament.

1. These Terms shall become effective and binding upon your decision to participate in the Tournament, as manifested by your actions that are consistent with entry into and participation in the Tournament. By participation in the Tournament you irrevocably and unconditionally:- accept and adhere to these Terms; and- confirm that you are not a Restricted Person and do not represent a Restricted Person; and- confirm that you agree to be bound by these Terms without any exemptions, limitations, and exclusions; and- confirm that all information and personal data provided by you during the participation in the Tournament is true and correct; and- any and all provisions of these Terms shall be enforceable to the fullest extent against you.

2. You shall not participate in this Tournament in the following events:- you disagree with any provision hereof and would like not to be bound by these Terms; or- You are a citizen of, natural person, having their habitual residence, in the United States of America (including its states and the district of Columbia), Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and any other possessions of the United States of America, Afghanistan, Canada, Crimea, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, People`s Republic of China, and other country or territory where cryptocurrency is prohibited (Restricted Person).

3. The Tournament will operate in Hardcore mode, where participants engage in a competition ("Race") against each other with the aim to secure the highest ranking on the event leaderboard ("Leaderboard") visible within the Company application. Each Race comprises four participants who wager a designated number of Cosmic tokens. The aggregate of these tokens constitutes the game prize pool. The participant who achieves the highest percentage yield is identified as the winner and receives the prize pool, subject to a 25% commission retained by the Company. In instances where two or more participants achieve identical profitability, the prize pool will be equally distributedamongst all such winners, after the deduction of the Company's commission.

4. To participate in the Tournament, You shall win at least one Race. The frequency of wins attained during the Tournament directly influences the participant's rank on the Leaderboard, with a higher frequency leading to a higher ranking.

5. The Tournament commences on July 31 and concludes on August 14 at 15:00 UTC +3. The top ten participants listed on the Leaderboard at the conclusion of the Tournamentwill be eligible for cash prizes, which will be credited to the winner's registered game account within forty-eight (48) hours following the end of the Tournament. The allocation of the prize pool is as follows:• 1st place: 2000 USDT;• 2nd place: 1000 USDT;• 3rd place: 500 USDT;• 4th place: 350 USDT;• 5th place: 350 USDT;• 6th place: 250 USDT;• 7th place: 200 USDT;• 8th place: 150 USDT;• 9th place: 100 USDT;• 10th place: 100 USDT.

Furthermore, weekly cash prizes will be awarded to players with the highest number of wins at the conclusion of each week.

6. Information and updates related to the Tournament, including but not limited to Leaderboard rankings, will be shared via our social media platforms and through our email newsletters. To address any queries related to the Tournament, its terms, conditions, and prizes, we will be hosting an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session on the commencement day of the Tournament. Please ensure that you are subscribed to and regularly monitor these communication channels to stay abreast with all relevant Tournament updates.

7. These Terms may be modified, changed, supplemented or updated by the Company in its sole discretion at any time without advance notice.

8. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and the Company relating to your participation in the Tournament.

9. The Company may assign Company's rights and obligations under these Terms.

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