Fuel and Energy

Fuel – A self-healing stat and is shared by all pilots:

  • Each new pilot gives a certain amount of fuel (see Section

  • Fuel consumption per race depends on the level of the pilot.

  • Total fuel limit for all pilots is 17 units.

  • Fuel is replenished automatically. It is not possible to add fuel with coins.

  • Fuel is replenished every 6 hours by 25% of the total amount of fuel.

  • Fuel allows participating in SOLO races.

Energy is a resource that can be obtained by participating in HARDCORE races.

  • Participating in one HARDCORE race grants 1 Energy unit.

  • In HARDCORE races you can get 2, 3 or 4 times more Energy by increasing your bet.

  • Without Energy you cannot participate in SOLO races

  • The amount of Energy for a SOLO race must be equal to the amount of fuel.

Each pilot has a base Fuel indicator. This value depends on the pilot’s level and the number of pilots in the user account. The user's base fuel always equals one unit, then each new pilot adds their total value bonus to the amount of Fuel, which depends on the pilot’s level.

Level 1 to 15

1 fuel unit

Level 16 to 24

2 fuel units

Level 25 to 30

3 fuel units

Fuel and Energy are consumed only in SOLO mode. These resources are not required for HARDCORE racing.

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