SOLO mode

In SOLO mode, the player plays alone. To send a pilot on a flight, you must have Fuel and Energy units.

To start a SOLO race, you need to choose coins that you think will show an increase if you plan to play Long (bet on asset growth) or coins that will show a decrease if you play Short (bet on asset decline).

Users can choose which currencies to race with from the ones presented in the app. The number of selectable coins depends on the Capacity value. After selecting currencies (minimum 1 currency must be selected) users can start a race.

After sending the pilot off to space users can:

  1. Wait for the race to end automatically.

  • The race can end automatically after 1 hour from the start of the race.

  • The race can end automatically if the profit factor has gone into minus on the stop-loss parameter corresponding to the given pilot.

  1. Terminate the race early by tapping the Take-profit button after 10 minutes after the start of the race.

Approximate mechanics of calculating accruals in the SOLO game mode*:

  • Income is 100 tokens per race.

  • The user selects 3 assets, BNB, BTC, and ETH. At the time of tapping "let's go", the rates of coins were as follows: BNB – $100, BTC – $100, ETH – $100.

  • At the end of the race, the quotes were as follows: BNB – $115, BTC – $110, ETH – $95 = bnb +15%, BTC +10%, ETH -5%.

  • Interest calculation formula: +15%+10% + -5%= +20%.

Accordingly, the user will receive 120 tokens per race. If there is a negative token count, for example -20%, the user will receive 80 tokens per race.

*All calculations are presented as examples.

*Disclaimer: The data presented herein is strictly for informational purposes, does not constitute financial advice, and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the development team. Exploiting bugs or imbalanced game mechanics for your own gain may be met with strict measures in the form of account blocking and game access shutdowns.

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