Battle (Attack)

You can attack the same Guild no more than 5 times per day, subject to a limit of one attack every 2 minutes. If another member of your Guild has already attacked a given Guild, you will need to wait a certain amount of time before attacking the same Guild again. This waiting period, or cooldown, is necessary to ensure equality of opportunity among the members and to prevent possible conflicts. Before attacking, you must choose an attack strategy, i.e. select the cells to attack (place bombs) on the 3x3 battlefield grid and tap the Fire button.

If there is no defensive shield cell under the bomb, the enemy base is damaged by 1 unit.

If the health of the defending Guild's base drops to 0 after the attack, the base is considered looted and the accumulated resources in the defending Guild's warehouse are transferred to the attacking Guild's warehouse.

Choosing a strategy and launching an attack is available to each Guild member when using their personal Energy. That is, if a Guild member has donated their personal Energy, they can attack another Guild. If the attack damages the opponent's base, this attack is free for the player, i.e. the Energy for this attack will be reimbursed.

Regulating resources in Guilds through Activity Points

The distribution of the Base Inventory depends on each Guild member's activity in attacks. A player will be awarded 3 Activity Points for a successful loot, 2 Activity Points for damage caused, and 1 Activity Point for an unsuccessful attack. In addition, each Guild member will be awarded a daily 2 Activity Points for Guild membership.

When the day is over, a total count of each player's Activity Points is made, and resources are further distributed in the Guild according to each member's Activity Points percentage.

Activity Points are a key tool in regulating access to resources in the Guild, contributing to a fairer and more even distribution of inventory among members based on their activity and effort in the game.

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