Cosmic FOMO benefits and advantages

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is the absolute future of the banking system. However, projects of this kind are still in their infancy, and many will still grow tenfold. But right now, there is a very complex interplay between the two, which makes many users afraid to invest their assets in DeFi. Cosmic FOMO breaks down this barrier by introducing simple user interfaces and eliminating typical problems.

MarsDAO's Cosmic FOMO has been in development for years. It is based on technology we started developing four years ago, based on our vision of a new type of game focused on correct choice and prediction.

We are talking about TTM Game, a popular CIS platform where users participated in virtual races to the Moon. Each participant assembled their own portfolio with virtual assets, making predictions about cryptocurrency quotes or share growth. Those players whose predictions turned out to be the most accurate won real cash prizes.

One of the main goals of the MarsDAO ecosystem products is to facilitate interaction with the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market, understanding web3 technology and developments. Cosmic FOMO aims to do just that – it's a great way to understand digital assets, including NFTs and web3 in general, by learning the new realities of the world in an easy-to-play way, without spending a fortune or risking your actual assets.

And while the mechanics of Cosmic FOMO are based on its predecessor, the gameplay of the new product is completely redesigned and includes many additional features:

  • several pilot classes;

  • different game modes;

  • meteorites with pilot upgrades that can be obtained from them;

  • pilot attributes that can be upgraded during the game.

Cosmic FOMO allows:

  • learning stock trading in game form;

  • earning without risking your real assets.

The Cosmic FOMO model embodies the open market concept and provides users and developers with a playground with its advantages. You, too, can participate in the model simply by playing the game and purchasing NFTs. The Cosmic FOMO economic model provides the right balance to maintain a viable in-game economy for all participants.

Other Cosmic FOMO benefits include:

  • a balanced gameplay;

  • a user-friendly and eye-catching interface;

  • five deflationary tools, which, in turn, has a positive effect on game balance;

  • simple game mechanics that allow anybody to play.

We devised a symbiosis of a game and DeFi and NFT technology in one product, which is entirely new in its segment of educational gaming apps.

The issue with DeFi and NFTs is that they are challenging for the average user to understand. We are changing this stereotype and bringing DeFi and NFT to the masses through gamification with Cosmic FOMO.

*Disclaimer: The data presented herein is strictly for informational purposes, does not constitute financial advice, and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the development team.

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