COSMIC token utility

COSMIC is a key asset in Cosmic FOMO. Like MDAO, COSMIC runs on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC BEP-20) and is a tool that allows users to earn in races and improve their NFT pilot parameters.

COSMIC token applications:

  1. Pilot Upgrades: COSMIC allows to upgrade a pilot by developing their skills and capabilities.

  2. Pilot Body Recovery: Pilots wear out over time. COSMIC is used to restore the pilot's health completely and return to flying.

  3. Paying for Pilot Mints: To create new pilots and expand your army, you will need COSMIC to pay for the minting process.

  4. Participation in HARDCORE races: the bet for participation in this game mode is placed in COSMIC.

  5. Merging Minerals and Gems: you will also need COSMIC tokens when merging in-game items.

Important: COSMIC token supply is not limited, allowing users to constantly interact with the game's economy.

To buy or sell COSMIC tokens, you can use PancakeSwap or 12swap.

You can track the current exchange rate of COSMIC tokens on What2farm, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

📝 COSMIC smart contract address:


Instructions on how to add COSMIC to your wallet:

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Adding COSMIC to MetaMask

Adding COSMIC to Trust Wallet

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