Key changes upon completion of the transition to the full-fledged version

All new users, as well as already registered users who didn't buy NFTs, received a free test NFT to participate in HARDCORE races. In addition, regular events with prizes for those who reach the top of the leaderboard in HARDCORE mode were launched. These events are also available for test NFT owners.

HARDCORE is now the base mode, as this mode will accept many more users than SOLO mode, also due to the increase in the number of players owning free NFTs. Fuel continues to be recharged in the usual way at 25% of the total tank volume per account. However, there is a new entity in the game called Energy. It can be obtained by participating in races in HARDCORE mode. Now, to participate in SOLO races, you will need both the standard Fuel and the new entity - Energy. The amount of Energy required for a SOLO race is equal to the amount of Fuel required, according to the pilot's level.

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