Base Inventory

The Base Inventory is a shared resource repository that belongs to the Guild. Resources (Energy, Gems and Minerals) produced by Power Plants and Factories, as well as resources obtained by looting other Guilds, are automatically added to it.

The Base Inventory is distributed evenly among Guild members at the same time for all Guilds. In the event that the amount of Minerals, Gems and Energy is insufficient for all Guild members at the time of distribution, a random distribution mechanism takes effect.

By default, the Base Inventory is distributed at 16:00 UTC. If the Guild's inventory is empty at the time of resource distribution, Guild members receive nothing. In addition, Minerals and Gems stored in the Inventory are universal and lack a specific type such as Income, Durability, or Luck. When the inventory is distributed to Guild members, each user receives a random type of Minerals and Gems.

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