Minting pilots

Mint is the "birth" of a new pilot by two other pilots who have reached the level (LVL) of a mint point. The pilot obtained through the process of minting can be sold or stored in the inventory to increase the tank volume. Key points:

  • One pilot is allowed a maximum of four (4) mints when leveled up to 30.

  • The first mint point appears at level 11, the second mint point at level 21, the third mint point at level 25, and the fourth at level 30.

  • You don't need to repair (restore) a pilot for a mint, and you don't need 100% Stamina either.

  • The LVL UP process (moving to a new level) does not interfere with the mint process.

  • When you get a new pilot, fuel is replenished like when you buy a new pilot.

  • Minting is possible between pilots of different classes and rarity levels.

  • A new pilot is always level 0. The stats Income, Capacity, Luck, and Durability are randomly assigned from the range of acceptable values according to the rarity of the received pilot.

  • You must spend COSMIC and MDAO tokens to perform mints.

*Cost and percentages are subject to change.

Rarity Dropout Chance

Class Dropout Chance

Minting costs

For different mint numbers, the average token expenditure is taken from the two pilots. The same applies when minting pilots of different rarity. Minting cost for Common pilots

Minting costs for Uncommon pilots

Minting costs for Rare pilots

Minting costs for Legendary pilots

*Disclaimer: The data presented herein is strictly for informational purposes, does not constitute financial advice, and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the development team.

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