Merging Gems and Minerals

Merging means combining items in order to get a new item, with the subsequent loss of the items from which the new item was created.

If you merge three minerals of the same color, with a certain probability you can get a level 1 gem of the same color. If the merge fails, the Minerals the user was trying to combine will be lost.

When combining three gems of the same level, with a certain probability you can get a gem of the next level. The maximum level of gems is 5.

If you fail to merge Gems of any level, there's a probability of getting 1 to 3 Gems back. The odds of getting back your Gems:

30% — chance to get back 1 Gem

15% — chance to get back 2 Gems

10% — chance to get back 3 Gems

Returned Gems are chosen randomly from the three Gems that participated in the merge.

Chances and cost of merging gems and minerals.

Icome Gems

Durability Gems

Luck Gems

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