HARDCORE mode is a mode where players can play with other community members and compete to achieve the best result. Four players participate in the race, each of whom contributes a certain number of tokens to participate in the race. These tokens form the in-game prize pool.

For participating in HARDCORE mode, users receive Energy. Energy is required to compete in Solo races. Players can also receive 2, 3, or 4 times more Energy by placing a higher bet in the race.

Important: No fuel or energy is required to participate in HARDCORE races, and Body and Stamina are not consumed. In addition, this mode allows selecting the size of the leverage regardless of the class of the pilot selected for the race.

After entering this game mode, users wait for other players to participate in the Hardcore race. While waiting, the user can collapse the app; when the desired number of participants is reached, they will receive a push notification. It is possible to quit the mode before the required number of players is reached (before the start of the race) without losing energy and game tokens if the player has changed their mind to play. When entering the Hardcore mode, users select the starting set of race parameters:

  • Long or Short

  • Leverage size

  • Assets (cryptocurrencies)

The same screen displays the size of the bet (deposit to the total prize pool). After selection, users tap ACCEPT, after which players are taken to the waiting screen for other players.

As soon as the required number of players is reached, a screen with the previously selected race parameters appears. Players then have 30 seconds to complete their final race parameter selection. If players change the originally selected parameters, they must tap ACCEPT* after the changes have been made (otherwise the changes will not be accepted and the race will start with the parameters selected earlier).

*Changing race parameters (tapping ACCEPT after selecting coins) is available 1 time per race, after which the button becomes inactive.

After selecting coins and the last chance timer expires, all players are sent flying at the same time.

Detailed instructions on how to play in HARDCORE mode.

After the pilot is sent off to space, users can:

  1. Wait for the race to end automatically.

  • The race can end automatically after 10 minutes from the start.

  1. Any Hardcore race participant can prematurely stop their participation in the race by tapping the Take-profit button 1 minute after the start.

Important: In HARDCORE mode, all pilot classes have the same stop loss of 100%.

After the race ends, victory goes to the player whose portfolio showed the highest growth percentage; in other words, to the player with the highest profits during the race, accordingly. Players who come in 1-2 place take the prize pool as per the results of the race minus the platform fee. The 1st place player gets 75% of the prize pool after the fee is deducted, and the 2nd place player gets 25% of the prize pool.

The size of the bet (deposit to the prize pool) can be updated by the Cosmic FOMO team in accordance with the tokenomics of the game. The platform fee is 25% of each bet.

Daily at 12:00 UTC, bids are checked and recalculated according to the current COSMIC exchange rate.

HARDCORE bids according to the terms and conditions:

Rate 0.4 – 0.45: 15 COSMIC

Rate 0.46 – 0.55: 12 COSMIC

Rate 0.56 – 0.65: 8 COSMIC

Rate 0.66 – 0.75: 7 COSMIC

Rate 0.76 – 0.85: 6 COSMIC

Rate 0.86 – 0.95: 5 COSMIC

Rate 0.96 – 1: 4 COSMIC

The new bids take effect every day at 12:00 UTC.

*Disclaimer: The data presented herein is strictly for informational purposes, does not constitute financial advice, and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the development team. Exploiting bugs or imbalanced game mechanics for your own gain may be met with strict measures in the form of account blocking and game access shutdowns.

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