Meteor Shower mechanics

Meteor Shower is a minigame within the SOLO mode. It is designed to diversify the gameplay and give an opportunity with a chance to get a pilot enhancement item.

During the flight, players catch bonus meteorites or dodge anti-bonus meteorites.

By catching bonus meteorites, players get a chance to obtain (depending on their Luck score):

A meteorite with a token icon:


  • MDAO

  • USDT

A grey meteorite:

  • Stamina bonus

  • Income bonus

  • Luck bonus

  • Durability bonus

Red meteorites, on the other hand, are "killer" meteorites that must be dodged in time. Catching a red meteorite will cause the pilot an anti-bonus of -1 Body point.

Additional information:

  • All bonuses and anti-bonuses in the Meteor Shower event apply exclusively to the pilot participating in that race.

  • The collected bonus tokens are credited to the user's internal account at the end of each race.

  • In SOLO mode, the Meteor Shower event is enabled by default, but if users want to play without it, the event can be disabled on the coin selection screen (before starting a SOLO race).

*Disclaimer: The data presented herein is strictly for informational purposes, does not constitute financial advice, and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the development team. Exploiting bugs or imbalanced game mechanics for your own gain may be met with strict measures in the form of account blocking and game access shutdowns.

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