Pilot classes

The Pilot's class affects the stop-loss parameter.

Stop-loss is an order placed in a trading terminal by traders to limit their losses when the price reaches a predetermined level. In our game, stop-loss is a parameter which allows us not to go into a significant loss during a SOLO race and not to lose additional income.

In other words, it is a parameter that allows not going into a big negative on the profitability multiplier of the game result. If the difference between the initial and the current currencies exceeds the % stop-loss of the class, the game is automatically stopped (does not work with the Scalper). The Pilot's class also affects the player's profitability.

There are four classes of pilots in the game:

Holder – stop-loss 5%

Trader – stop-loss 10%

Arbitrager – stop-loss 15%

Scalper – stop-loss 100%

In HARDCORE mode, all pilot classes have the same stop loss of 100%.

*Disclaimer: The data presented herein is strictly for informational purposes, does not constitute financial advice, and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the development team.

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